Get Rid of Headaches Within 60 Seconds

Headaches can sometimes be really unbearable and disturbing. They can ruin our mood and sometimes our day. The reasons for headaches can be various and taking pain killers every time when you have it is not recommended. In this post we will show you 3 simple and effective tricks that will help you get rid of headache.

Get Rid of Headaches Within 60 Seconds

Bite a Pencil:

Common reason for headache is stress and anxiety. They tend to tire the muscle that connects the jaw with the temple thus causing a headache. In order to prevent this, take wooden pencil and bite it. With this the function of your jaw will be disabled and it will be relaxed.

Try Acupressure:

For those who don`t know acupressure is ancient technique based on the application of pressure to certain points in the body to relieve or eliminate pain. Find the point on the upper part of your hand precisely the point where your thumb and your index finger are joined. Press this point and then start massaging it in circular motion. Do this at least for one minute and the pain will get away.

Massage with Mint Ethereal Oil:

If the reason for the headache is sinusitis or allergies massage your forehead with mint essential oil. Mix olive oil or baby oil with several drops of mint essential oil and massage your temples and the area beyond your nose with circular movements. You should do this at least one minute in order for it to be effective.