Growing Business Opportunities for Healthy Living

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Healthy living is now an ongoing mainstream topic. It is no longer just viewed in the Style section or something only fitness Gods value. An online survey of 1,200 adults in New York City, Munich and New Delhi shows shocking few cultural or demographic dissimilarities in the value people does on living healthy lifestyles.

What do consumers have to say about healthy living? And what are the business opportunities for companies as they are constantly creating new markets for their products and services?

After years of focus on curing disease, people now realize that staying healthy not only deals with real behavioral commitment, but also needs new and much more productive relationships with health. When people were asked to pick one between easy, cheap access to top class medical care vs easy, cheap access to healthy living options, more than half of the people picked healthy living.

People nowadays are hoping for personalized solutions which can help them to improve their habits. There is no room for question that government can act by creating a bridge for prevention as well as community empowerment with the help of policy & regulation. But the point is, it cannot be done alone by the government. Involvement of private-sector is a must so there can be opportunities to promote healthy living at a more rapid rate.

Technology And Telecom Companies Can Provide Digital Technologies:

No doubt that there present many technology solutions that leads towards healthy. In general, in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, numerous companies have come forward with various smartphone applications that are helping patients to check upon their health. Various other gadgets consists of apps that helps in keeping track of miles walked or run and heart monitoring tools sends ECGs taken at home to physicians through smartphones. The global market is stuffed with opportunities; the only linker is personalized and time-saving tools to become more advanced.

Pharma And Medtech Companies

Pharma and medtech companies have unique connection with the hospitals and physicians. This is because of their huge marketing networks and strong idea of professionalism. As pharma and medtech companies become more focused towards their customers, they can easily increase their customer feedback and loyalty systems to comprise physicians, payers and patients in a more sophisticated manner. This will create a more powerful way to market their products in the most beneficial manner.

Consumer Goods Companies:

Various Consumer goods companies have a direct challenge, because there already exists a never meeting demand for healthier food and various kinds of exercise equipment and programs. The biggest challenge is to innovate and personalize such products and services and sell them appropriate, as already people are already in a need for quick and easy routes to stay healthy.

Compare it with last 10 years, drastic change can be seen and now we are more in a need of industries that enhances health in an innovative and personalized manner. The amount of knowledge we pose about behavior change, it still remains hard for companies to make use of this knowledge for developing various products that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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