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Have You Ever Wondered What The Half-Moon On Your Fingernails Means? It Is More Important Than You Think, Check Out Why!

This part in the shape of half-moon is a basic part of the fingernail, but do you know what its real meaning is?

The whitish area around your fingernails is a sensitive and an important part of the nail structure, which should be protected from damage at all costs.

This whitish structure is called the Lunula (meaning “small moon” translated from Latin) and it is a very sensitive part of the nail.

The half-moon actually only seems white, as the fifth basal layer of the epidermis “hides” some blood vessels underneath.

The half-moon is best visible on the thumb, but you should also know that not every lunula is visible. In some cases, the agnail (the thickened layer of the skin that surrounds the fingernails and the toenails) can be partly or completely covering the lunula.


The lunula is actually the visible part of the root of the nail and it should not be damaged in any way, as damaging the lunula can cause the entire nail to be deformed.

According to the alternative medicine, the lunula can reveal some really important information about your general health. For example, the traditional Chinese medicine claims that the lack of lunula is a sign of anemia and under-nutrition, while a pale or blue lunula can be a sign of diabetes. If the lunula in some people has reddish stains on it, it means that these individuals might be suffering from cardiovascular disease.

The lack of lunula, or a case where the lunula is present, but too small, may signify indigestion, which can be the result of slow metabolism or great amounts of toxins present in the body.


The experts in the traditional Chinese medicine also mention the fact that every healthy person has either seven or eight lunulas on their fingernails. If the nails of your thumbs are the only nails that have lunulas on them, it means that your kidneys are becoming dysfunctional.

A normal nail should be pink in color, hard, and it should be shaped in the form of arch. The lunula should be clearly visible on the nails. The half-moon, or the lunula, indicates your health and your energy level. The more energy you have, the whiter the lunulas on your fingernails. If you deal with lack of energy, you will have darker lunulas.


The lunula should take about 1/5 of your nail and should have sharp and clear edges that define it. If you are sick, the lunula will indicate it by changing its color or its size. Once your body returns in good shape, the lunula will reappear on the upper part of your nail.