Planning A Baby Shower Soon? Read These Party Planning Tips To Save Big

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A dear friend or family member is expecting a baby. Of course, you will want to throw them a baby shower, but for those of us a budget this may not be an easy task to take on. After all, throwing a party of any kind can cost money, however, not to worry as there are some ways to cut corners while still ensuring that the baby shower is a pleasant and memorable experience for all.

Shop Dollar Stores

Some of us may have misconceptions when it comes to dollar stores, we think these only have cheap undesirable merchandise but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, some dollar stores such as Dollar Tree. Family Dollar and 99 cents Only tend to stand out from the field because these are large chains that have a wide variety of amazing merchandise. True not always a dollar but still a fraction of what it would cost in a regular store. For example, mini plastic forks, these are a necessary party item. Mini plastic forks are used to eat the cake which no baby shower would be complete without. Plus these are disposable and yes mini plastic forks along with other plastic utensils can be purchased in a dollar store along with the paper plates and other party favors if necessary to buy. Purchasing these at one of these locations will cut cost.

Potluck and Other Food Suggestions

Here is another suggestion, ask guest to each bring something to the party. Sort of like having a potluck where everyone brings Something. Those coming to the party would probably be happy to do so. Just make sure to find out what each person is bringing as to ensure there are no repeats of the same thing. Another suggestion when it comes to food, have the party at a between meal time where only snack foods are served this could also cut cost. As for the cake, if you are good at making them and love to bake or know someone who does who will give you a great deal on the baby shower cake, this is the way to go, a bakery can be quite costly and should only be used if you find it’s in your budget to actually have the cake order from there.

Reusing Items and Decorations

Here is another way to cut cost. Use items you already have as a way to decorate for the party. For example, some of us collect stuff animals, some have dolls that maybe they have had since they were a child, these would make great centerpieces for the baby shower. Another thing to do is use some decorations that maybe you had from say easter or a birthday party, these can be recycled and used to create a fun theme for the baby shower.

Party Games

As for party games, these can also be economical for example, the old clothespin cross your legs game, anyone can get clothespins cheap or maybe even have them at home, where in the game each person gets a certain amount to put on. When they cross their legs, the person who catches them gets one of their clothespins and whoever has the most by the end of the shower wins a prize that can be determined. Remember though, the main source of entertainment during the shower will be the mother to be opening her gifts that the guests bring to her, so no need to worry too much about party games.

These are just a few suggestions on how to cut corners when giving a baby shower. No doubt some of you could come up with ideas of your own, the main thing to remember is that a baby shower is supposed to be a fun event to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child, there is no reason to go in debt going one.

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